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Discover an easy-to-use, all-in-one data extraction application for tracking, managing, visualizing, and leveraging your data. Our Launchpad Suite of products enables powerful data sourcing via Launchpad - ETL as well as stunning dashboards via Launchpad - Visualization.

Gather data from the most common sources and load it into the data warehouse of your choice with just a few simple clicks. Once there, take advantage of built-in visualization tools or connect your data to the most popular business intelligence apps.

  • Extract Data

    Extract data with zero code.

    Launchpad - ETL automates your analytics — connecting to the most popular data sources and creating a single source of truth for you and your team. That means seamless compatibility with the most popular data warehouses and good data to fuel accurate insights through the best visualization apps.

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  • Pre-build data sources

    Pre-Built Integrations to Data Sources

    Launchpad comes with pre-built integrations for the most common data sources, and we're always adding more for our clients. That means you're just a few clicks away from unifying your data into a cloud-friendly format that establishes the foundation for good analytics.

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  • Pre-build destinations

    No-code destinations

    Launch enables you to seamlessly transfer your data to a host of popular data warehouses without any engineering support.

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  • Data Streaming Support

    Data Streaming

    Configure Launchpad to move data when an event is triggered from your source system. Streaming allows for the transmission of real-time data from your application's source to your preferred destination or platform.

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  • Built to Scale

    Built to Scale

    Built to scale, with security in mind — Enterprise Grade Security & Compliance. Privacy, security and integrity is one of our core principles, enabling our customers to meet their compliance and security requirements.

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  • Visualization Support

    Visualize Immediately

    Take advantage of powerful visualization tools that let you create fully customizable dashboards with beautiful charts and graphs, granular permission settings, and convenient sharing capabilities. Launchpad — Visualization also prepares your data so that it can be easily connected to third-party applications, like Looker Studio, Power BI, Tableau, and more.

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