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Are you taking full advantage of your data?

Leveraging data is the key to maximizing efficiency — and revenue — for your business. The good news? Launchpad eliminates the manual work in one easy-to-use platform. Our intuitive, no-code application takes care of the entire ETL process and provides a powerful visualization layer that is fully customizable to your needs.

Data extraction

Launchpad offers seamless integrations with the most popular data sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Campaign Manager, and Bing Ads. The platform uses advanced APIs to extract and validate your data with just a few clicks.

Data transformation

Launchpad not only sources the raw data, but also modifies it so that it can be transferred to the data warehouse of your choice. Launchpad does some of the heavy lifting transformations for you, standardizing formats and removing duplicate or incomplete data.

Data streaming

Platform-enabled, event-driven streaming at scale and ingest data in real time. Apply no-code transformations to the data and send it to the destination of your choice. Stream data from new leads, list subscribers, form submissions and more.

Data visualization

Launchpad enables you to leverage the most popular reporting tools, including Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI, to create a variety of visualizations and dashboards that make it easy to identify issues and discover opportunities.

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