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Drive Meaningfull Insights from BigQuery

BigQuery is a fully managed, serverless data warehouse from Google that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data.

Automatically pull data from BigQuery, which can then be grouped with data from other marketing platforms and automatically fed into your Data Warehouse, BI solution or visualization tool.

With just a few clicks, connect your BigQuery account to any data warehouse of your choice and watch your data load in real-time. Experience a hassle-free, zero-maintenance data load.

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Automate data syncing from BigQuery data warehouse.

Data syncing from BigQuery data waarehouse isn't a one-and-done process. To speed up your process, you can schedule Launchpad jobs to run down to the minute, automating the entire process from any database to your target data destinations. Launchpad can handle millions of records per minute and large datasets to scale with your business needs.

No-code data transformations

Never deal with custom scripts and spreadsheets again. With Launchpad, you can quickly clean, validate, and format customer data into your target systems.

  • Supports BigQuery tables as well as views

  • Bypass an incredibly slow and tedious process

  • No-code data transformations supported

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