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Drive Meaningfull Insights from Email Reports

Launchpad supports syncing files from email to be extracted to your central data warehouse.

Automatically pull data from Email Reports, which can then be grouped with data from other marketing platforms and automatically fed into your Data Warehouse, BI solution or visualization tool.

With just a few clicks, connect your Email Reports account to any data warehouse of your choice and watch your data load in real-time. Experience a hassle-free, zero-maintenance data load.

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Automate data syncing Emailed Reports

Use our advanced email parser software to automate text extraction from emails and attachments.

  • Automate data extraction from emails in minutes!

  • Send parsed data instantly to your applications into a destination of your choice.

  • Save countless hours of manual data entry.

  • Set and forget - continuous daily data updates via the automation built directly into Launchpad.

  • Your historical data is archived and accessible for analytics and reporting needs….forever.

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