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Write data directly to Google BigQuery, a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data.

Automatically pull data from Google Bigquery, which can then be grouped with data from other marketing platforms and automatically fed into your Data Warehouse, BI solution or visualization tool.

With just a few clicks, connect your Google Bigquery account to any data warehouse of your choice and watch your data load in real-time. Experience a hassle-free, zero-maintenance data load.

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  • Make marketing data easy - supercharge your standard Google Analytics subscription and own your data.

  • Load data from your Google Analytics views into a destination of your choice.

  • Extract all data - run unsampled queries on your entire data set.

  • Set and forget - continuous daily data updates via the automation built directly into Launchpad.

  • Flexible configuration settings enable refreshing your data daily for the last 30 days (attribution).

  • Your historical data is archived and accessible for analytics and reporting needs….forever.

Google Bigquery

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