Launchpad's May Release: An Update for the Ages

by Gil Christenberry on Jun 05, 2024

Sometimes we roll out releases with minor fixes and improvements to the platform, but every once in a while, a release comes along with major updates that have the potential to really change the way our users work. Last month's release was one of those monumental updates.

From extras that add more comfort and convenience to features that bring new levels of automation, accuracy, and efficiency, Launchpad's May release has a whole lot to get excited about — and to start making the most of.

Learn more about some of our most impactful additions, and don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts to see how we can implement these new features into your analytics stack.

Dark Mode: Launchpad's New Look

Certainly the most eye-catching addition from this release is dark mode, and it's quickly become quite popular among the Calibrate team. Not only does the new color scheme look great, but many people feel less eye strain and fatigue when using dark mode on their various platforms and devices. Plus, it's better for battery life! You can turn dark mode on by going to “My Profile” under “Settings” in the Launchpad menu and enabling it there. Give it a try!.

Automatic Currency Conversion

If your reports include currency values that need to be converted, then your workflows are about to get a lot easier. Launchpad's new currency-conversion function will transform values from one currency to any currency of your choice. If the values correspond to dates in your table, you can even set up the function to use the exchange rates from those specific dates.

Using Pipelines to Set Up Sequential Jobs

Launchpad's new pipelines feature allows you to leverage cross-job dependencies to increase reliability, accuracy, and efficiency. Now you can set up job conditions and rules that ensure your tasks run in the correct order. There are tons of use cases to take advantage of, such as having transformation jobs begin only once data extraction from the previous job completes. Learn more in our recent blog post about the new feature, and get in touch with our team to get started with pipelines: Enhancing ETL Platforms with Cross-Job Dependency Management and Automation

New Geo Endpoints for Google Ads

Google Ads is one of our most commonly used data sources, and we're continuing to enhance its integration with Launchpad to make sure you get the most out of your data. You'll now find geo endpoint, geo view, and geo by ad in the schema builder, enabling you to add these metrics to your reports in just a few clicks.

New Gauge Chart in Launchpad Visualization

Launchpad Visualization is all about presenting your data in the clearest way possible, and the new gauge chart is another great tool in your arsenal. The gauge chart looks like a speedometer, and it adds immediate impact when showing performance metrics in relation to targets and benchmarks.

Don't Wait to Optimize Your Analytics

Ready to make the most of these updates? Our team of experts is here to help you leverage these new features and more into your data stack. And if you're not currently a Launchpad user, we'll get you started with a free trial. See for yourself how Launchpad streamlines and automates your data management and reporting to help you save resources, ensure accuracy, and fuel better insights.

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