Google Analytics and Universal Analytics Export and Archive Services

Google Analytics Universal Export Services

Navigating the complexities of archiving Google Analytics Universal (GA UA) data requires expert guidance.

Our GA UA archiving services are tailored to assist businesses in seamlessly archiving invaluable analytics data, complete with schema recommendations and transfer support. We'll help ensure a smooth transition, optimal data organization, and long-term accessibility for historical analytics insights.

We provide tailored schema recommendations for archiving Google Analytics Universal data that cater to the unique nature of your business. This involves customizing our schema recommendations in a way that aligns with your specific Google Analytics UA setup which aids in making future analysis more intuitive and insightful.

  • Implementation and Setup

    Our Solution

    Before initiating the archiving process, our consultants conduct a thorough analysis of your current Google Analytics Universal data structure. This assessment helps identify key data points, relationships, and dependencies by creating a customized schema for archiving.

    Benefit from meticulous support during the data transfer process, safeguarding the integrity of your historical analytics data.

    Leverage our best practices for data compression and storage optimization to maximize the efficiency of your storage resources.

    By partnering with us, your organization can navigate the archiving process with confidence and unlock the full potential of your historical analytics insights.

  • Implementation and Setup

    Data Transfer Tool

    If downloading hundreds (or thousands) of files, transforming them, and uploading them to your data warehouse sounds unappealing, then you're not alone. Luckily, there are a host of data transfer tools available today that can connect directly to the Google Analytics API and transfer your data to the destination of your choice. Launchpad by Calibrate Analytics offers users the ability to connect to all of the dimensions and metrics in the Google Analytics API and transfer them without writing a single line of code.

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