Launchpad and Google BigQuery, perfect together.

Calibrate Analytics and Launchpad, Google BigQuery Partners.

Launchpad has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation,
strengthening our partnership with Google Cloud and support for joint customers.

Write data directly to BigQuery from any data source.

With Launchpad, you can extract, transform, stream, automate, and visualize data across the most popular sources and write directly to Google BigQuery with no coding required.

Discover how Launchpad can benefit your business with our 14-day free trial. Test up to 2 sources and up to 100,000 records. No commitment required.


"Calibrate Analytics played a pivotal role in our Google Universal Analytics Archiving project. Their team's expertise provided us with peace of mind ahead of Google sunsetting of UA, offering strategic recommendations that facilitated the swift and secure storage of our historical data.

I highly recommend Calibrate Analytics as a reliable analytics partner that delivers projects in a timely, cost-efficient manner and with a high degree of execution. I look forward to partnering with them again in the future."

Dylan ChowSr. Associate Digital Marketing Manager for a CPG Brand
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Top Data Sources

Launchpad comes with pre-built integrations for the most common data sources, and we're always adding more for our clients. That means you're just a few clicks away from unifying your data into a cloud-friendly format that establishes the foundation for good analytics.

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To get started, watch these videos of loading Google Analytics into BigQuery

How to Archive Data From Universal Analytics Using Launchpad (ETL)

How to Merge Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics Data With Google BigQuery

Why partner with Calibrate Analytics for your ETL needs?

  • Implementation and Setup

    Enterprise Grade Security & Compliance

    Privacy, security and integrity is one of our core principles, enabling our customers to meet their compliance and security requirements.

  • Data Audits

    Scalable & Cost Effective

    Affordable pricing that makes it easy to get started, whether you're just starting your analytics journey or ready for an enterprise-level solution.

  • Data Audits

    No Coding Needed

    Launchpad comes with pre-built integrations for the most common data sources & destinations, and we're always adding more!

  • Custom Reports and Dashboards

    Smooth Automation

    Automate pulling data from source APIs with ease, and your dashboards can refresh daily with the latest numbers. Batching and dynamic dates are supported.

  • Integration with Third-Party Tools

    Raw Data Sets

    No need to worry about data transformation and normalization. Launchpad allows you to work with your own raw data set.

  • Integration with Third-Party Tools

    Importable API Schemas

    Use our help documentation to import popular job configurations that are commonly used on the platform.