Launchpad's August Release - Google My Business Integration, New Endpoints for Revinate, and More

by Gil Christenberry on Sep 04, 2023

Launchpad just keeps getting better, and the most recent update (V2.44) includes some additions that our users are very excited about. Our team is always working behind the scenes to add new integrations for the most popular data sources, as well as improve existing features and functionality. Read all about the latest updates you'll be able to enjoy.

Google My Business Integration

Google My Business (officially known as Google Business Profiles) is a free tool that lets businesses control how their business listing appears in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. These rich listings let users call, read reviews, get directions, and interact with businesses in ways other than simply clicking on the website link. Interactions with Business Profiles are recorded separately from traditional search data (which is available through Google Search Console).

Launchpad's new integration for Google My Business takes advantage of Google's Business Profile Performance API to make it easy to extract the data for your Business Profile performance, transform it to match your other reports, and load it into the data storage of your choice. Unifying your data this way allows you to then visualize it alongside your other search data and get a complete picture of your search performance.

New Endpoints for Revinate

Revinate is a hospitality-specific data platform that gives hotel operators more control over the guest journey. It allows them to communicate with guests through a variety of channels, and the data gathered by the platform can be integral to a hotel's success.

We've improved Launchpad's integration with Revinate, adding new endpoints that give you access to even more data. The new endpoints include a wealth of dimensions that enable you to create granular reports on customer reviews, competitor reviews, survey responses, and more.

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Launchpad is a full-service, no-code platform that automates your analytics stack and makes it easy to manage and leverage your data. If you're having any issues setting up your data pipeline, then the experts at Calibrate Analytics would love to show you what's possible with Launchpad. From walk-throughs and interactive demos to custom solutions, we'll help you find the perfect answer for your business.

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