October Launchpad Release

by Gil Christenberry on Nov 01, 2023

The latest update to the Launchpad ETL platform brings time-saving schema features and new integrations that make it possible to extract data from virtually any source.

Autumn is here, and that means cold weather, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves on the ground, and exciting new updates for Launchpad! The Calibrate team has been working hard to deliver some new integrations and enhancements that our users are going to love. Check out what's new in the platform and give these new additions a try.

New Source Integrations

Meta I/O

Meta I/O is a popular platform in the hospitality industry that is used to deploy and manage meta search campaigns. Meta I/O users that want to access their performance data in an automated fashion can now use Launchpad to send their data to any of our supported destinations.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a popular platform for storing reporting data, but as your business grows, you'll run into limits on how much Sheets can do for you. Digital marketers that have outgrown their Sheets methods can leverage Launchpad to transfer their data from Sheets to a more scalable database, such as Google BigQuery or Snowflake.


Importable/Exportable Schemas for GA4

The Google Analytics 4 source in Launchpad now supports importable and exportable schemas. This allows users to share schemas within their team or organization, as well as import any of our pre-built, recommended schemas, and are free to access with your Launchpad subscription.

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