Launchpad November 2023 Release

by Gil Christenberry on Nov 23, 2023

Our November update included some big changes to Launchpad that we're very excited about. First of all, Launchpad now supports streaming data sources, which send real-time events or signals to Launchpad using webhooks. When Launchpad receives a signal from the streamable source, it automatically sends a request to the source system to retrieve the data and then deliver it to the configured destination. In addition to streaming sources, we've also added reverse ETL functionality for the Mailchimp Audiences endpoint.

Data Streams to the Rescue!

While the use cases for streamable data are nearly endless, we've focused on one specific need that we feel aids marketers and organizations alike with CRM growth and automation: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for engaging with B2B audiences and building awareness, but many marketers have decided not to use the platform's native lead-generation capabilities. That's because the data requires a manual download and then upload to the CRM (destination).

With the new LinkedIn streaming source, Launchpad users can easily overcome this issue and stream leads real-time from their LinkedIn campaigns directly to their CRM. Transferring that data in real time gives you the ability to message your new subscriber within seconds of them clicking the submit button on your LinkedIn ad.

Streaming sources now available on Launchpad include:

  • Mailchimp Streaming

    Update the destination of your choice, including CRM databases, with new subscribers and unsubscribes in real time with Mailchimp Audience webhooks.
  • LinkedIn Streaming

    Stream leads from LinkedIn directly to the destination of your choice automatically in real time.
  • Shippo Streaming

    Ingest shipment tracking and transaction updates to the destination of your choice. Major carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx are supported.
  • Custom Streaming

    Our Custom Stream source allows you to configure and ingest data from any source using webhooks, GET, or POST by mapping the data using JSONPath notation, a query language for JSON that's similar to XPath for XML.

Reverse ETL destinations currently available on Launchpad:

  • Mailchimp Audiences

    Connect audience data from popular marketing platforms to Mailchimp via Launchpad ETL or streaming sources.

Learn More About Launchpad

Launchpad is a full-service, no-code platform that automates your analytics stack and makes it easy to manage and leverage your data. If you're having any issues setting up your data pipeline, then the experts at Calibrate Analytics would love to show you what's possible with Launchpad. From walk-throughs and interactive demos to custom solutions, we'll help you find the perfect answer for your business.

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